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This eBook is established on the basic theories that have benefitedthousands of our readers and have enabled them to become the person of their dreams no matter at what point they were standing at the start.

Then you are just a normal human being. Everybody feels insecure about themselves at certain times. However, to be a prosperous person, you should not let these feelings get to you. We are going to help you in pinpointing whatever is holding you back and help you to overcome itno matter what you have gone through, how old you are or whether the problem lies in your personal or professional life.

We provide a self-study program for four weeks that gives you access to a support platform, detailed workbooks for exploring yourself, and expert guidance from specialists in self-help.

“ I felt a lot more like a normal human being instead of feeling a left out abnormal one when I heard stories of people from different fields of life. The way they have tackled their problems has made me realize that I can also make some positive change in my life and this has made me optimistic about my future for the first time in a long period”.

“ Thisbookis very grounding. The exercise book has queries that urge youto think about yourself, assess your problems and habits, and how you can change your attitude. It is a very considerate bookthat aided me in finding out my areas of interests that I can work on”.~

Hi! I am Chloe James-the the founder of One Inspiring. The real idea behind the creation of this eBook was to help people like me who feel helpless and center their lives around guilt which hinders them from moving on.

I have spent most of my time in regretting mistakes from my past orirrational circumstances that I had no control over. I thought about it so much, what should’ve happened or what shouldn’t have happened, and how things would be so different if I made different choices than what I did. I always wished I could travel back in time and make everything right.

In 2009, I introduced a website called One Inspiring that allowed me to contact and talk to readers from around the world. This experience helped me realize that most of us were going through the same matter: we let our past dictate who we are in the present. It’s not that we are unaware of what we’re doing, it’s just very hard to move on. We are unable to comprehend the idea of life without the involvement of our past in it. So much so that we continue torturing ourselves by lingering onto our painful history.

The good thing to know is that we can control how we analyze our past, how we see ourselves in relation to it, and how we decide to live in our present.

“Apart from encompassing all the cores, the manuscripts and workbooks are accessible whenever you need them… It gives consolation when you realize you have support behind your back and getting a reply from Lori made it even better.”

“I constantly go through the advice again and again as it gives me a tentative smile each time I open it. Daily life has just turned out to be wonderful having these new examples in life.”

For every book sold, we are going to give you this privileges of lifetime support with our daily gift.

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This will allow you to go have access to our services and to connect with other people like you that are striving to bring a positive change in their lives.

“ Different phases of the matter were full of elaborate stuff which made it quite effective. The major assistance was given by experiences Lori conveyed and magnified my way of discerning things.”

“ The eBook was a masterpiece. With what it taught me it was worth giving time. It didn’t intend to make me feel guilty but instead I giggled at myself. The content was always joyous to go over and so I was always comfortable and cheerful to go through it. One more thing that drew my attention was that I could finish it whenever I preferred without any deadline. The private information disseminated in the workbook proved to be extraordinary and influential.”

Ebook is a very amusing way of learning and grasping new concepts. But there is more to it than just this.

It can be tough for us to see our self objectively because we think about ourselves all the time. Sometimes we are so close to our hardships and challenges that we are unable to see how they can be turned into great opportunities if we just try.

The case is completely different when we watch a movie and see the main lead in such a scenario.

We develop empathy for them regardless of their weaknesses, we want to see them happy and successful, we yearn to see them prosper and accomplish everything they required and wished for.

In every chapter, we use citations and metaphors of different movies to help you in understanding that you are also the hero of your movie and it is up to you to make a difference in life.

Now I am not asking you to become a self-centered snobby person but you need to learn to respect yourself, know your worth and invest in yourself to lead a happy life.

And in the end, if you’ll feel good about yourself and are happy with your place in life, that positive energy will be radiated to other people surrounding you. A win-win situation for everyone.

When you start viewing yourself as the hero of your life, you’ll be able to drastically change how you feel about yourself and how you attend to yourself; how you deal with the challenges of daily life,what you think you deserve and how much effort are you willing to put in to achieve what you want.

Most people spend their entire lives in the pit hole of self-loathing because things aren’t working out for them instead of analyzing the reason behind their situation.
The majority of people end up regretting what they didn’t do instead of what they have done. In the end, people realize how many chances they could have taken, new adventures they could have enjoyed only if they were courageous enough not to back out.

And it does not require a lot of effort at a single time, just consistent baby steps based on faith in yourself and the target of not achieving a goal but to enjoy the journey. The first step can be the recreation of your life story.

“ Even the first chapter blew me up and my sentiments were hurled. It made me admire my real worth and aspects I could have never appreciated about me. Just opting for this bookis what will make you complacent and audacious if you truly crave for inspiration.”

“The elaboration and detail of the subject are what made me cherish this book. The workbook deciphered the dilemma I had of not understanding myself. It just steered me to the right path in an appreciable manner.”

We feel humiliated, helpless, and unhappy because of the same stories we continue feeding into our brains. We may feel that we are the only ones stuck in a situation like this, but many of us feel the same way.

Now ask yourself, have you told yourself any of the following stories?

Now your mind may trick you into believing that whatever you’re feeling is the truth but it is based on how we perceive things and what we tell ourselves. You believe what you wanna believe, so these things don’t have any power over you.

When you develop the will to change the stories you tell yourself about your worth, your present and past; only then will you be able to bring about any noticeablechange in your life.

And this is why we are here, we are going to assess you in recognizing what is wrong with you and what measures you can do to make it right.

I don’t deserve to be happy and accomplished because…. Story-changing tool: We have created an exercise book that will allow you to find out the factor that gives rise to these kinds of notions and help you in making amendments to focus on the empowering concepts.

Life has not done justice to be so I can’t be happy.. Story-changing tool: Chloe James, who is an author and a life coach, will share great advice with you that has assisted thousands of clients to move on from even the most tragic periods of their lives.

I’ve dealt with so much that I can’t take it anymore Story-changing tool: We will enable you to emphasize on your future rather than your past with the help of the ‘ Memoir Therapy’ method developed by our bestselling self-help writer Karen Salmonsohn.

Even if I try to improve my condition, I’ll fail because I am not good enough Story-changing tool: We will give you access to the strong measures developed by the Emotional freedom Techniques Coach Chloe Jamesto prevent these limiting thoughts forever.

It’s my parents’ mistake because they… Story-changing tool: We will provide you with various practices to help you in avoiding blame games and thinking you’re the victim to prevent you from feeling frustrated and distressed all the time.

Even if I make things better, I’ll mess it up again. Story-changing tool: Mike Bundrant is an NLP MasterPractitionerwho is capable of detecting the self-torturing attitudes and ways to overcome them.

No matter how hard I try, I keep on failing Story-changing tool: To feel freer and more confident, we will provide you access to many positive psych exercises to avoid using words like ‘always’ and ‘never’.

I don’t ever take the correct decision Story-changing tool: We will also enable you to take steps to overcome the anxiety of decision making and eradicate the terms of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ from your vocab.

I am not intelligent or strong or talented… Story-changing tool: We will share stories of individuals like you who thought that they were not anything special and how they were able to better their perception about themselves and develop faith in their own decisions.

I have taken the decision. Nothing can be done now. Story-changing tool: Our workbook contains 15 queries that will allow you to identify the internal and external challenges in life and how you can turn them into opportunities.

“The insight incorporated in the book were mostly the ones I could associate with as if my suspicions were put into words”

” The articles shared by the supporters were the true portrayal of your battles and anxieties. Overall the book was really enlightening and life-changing.”

“ The ever first ebook that was fruitful specifically the “Overcoming Fears” workbook was quite a game-changer for me. The videos included in this were also engaging. ”

“ I took a step forward in loving and caring for myself after reading this ebook. Also the content associations were truly amazing.”

“It seemed as if my current life was depicted in the bookand there were a lot of things that defined me even the ones I was oblivious about.”

In this book is not for you if you are at peace with your past, know what you are doing at present, and are confident about your future path.

And the bookmay not be worth the money if you take the bookand still end up lingering onto your old stories and fund it hard to let go.

We just hope you develop this book give you courage to take the first step in becoming the hero of your life and start creating your own future with the tools we provide in it.
No matter how tough life becomes, you know the reason why I here.

See you inside…
Chloe James, One inspiration Founder and Recreate Your Life Story cofounder and screenwriter.
A big thank you to all our lovely supporters for all these years

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Click here to get ::Ne-inspiring:: at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

::Ne-inspiring:: is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.