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Keto Meals Listing: 221 Keto Weight loss program Meals (+ Keto Cheat Sheet)

I wager you typically really feel prefer it’s powerful to each eat scrumptious meals and in addition keep keto, proper?

Nicely, I’ve been doing this for a really very long time, and I can promise that it’s simpler than you would possibly assume.

On this article, I’m going to indicate you precisely what to eat on a keto eating regimen and what to keep away from.

Beneath are over 200 keto meals – the identical meals that I’ve eaten to drop some pounds and really feel higher.

Three Issues You May Be Trying For + A “Brief-Listing” of Keto Weight loss program Meals

The total record of 221 Keto Weight loss program meals is beneath, however listed below are 2 useful notes, plus a shorter record of keto meals.

Should you’re on the lookout for recipes, then click on right here for 96 of my favourite keto recipes.If you wish to be taught extra concerning the keto eating regimen and the way it may help you, then click on right here for my complete article on the ketogenic eating regimen.If you’d like the printable “cheat-sheet” of keto eating regimen meals, then simply click on right here.

The “Brief & Important” Keto Weight loss program Meals Listing

Mainly, keto pleasant meals embrace most meats, most greens, most seafood, and wholesome fat.

Extra particularly, you may eat all of the meals listed beneath. Actually, you may most likely use this as a brief and straightforward keto procuring record…

Non-Starchy VegetablesBerries
Limes and lemonsNut butters and nut milksBone brothTeaMustardsShellfish and different seafoodNuts and SeedsHerbs and SpicesSteviaOrgan MeatsPeas and inexperienced beansGelatinVinegarsHealthy Fat (e.g., ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, and so forth.)FishAvocadoOlivesCoffeeCoconutEggs

Okay – now that you’ve got the quick record of keto meals, let’s go slightly extra in depth…

Did You Know All of This?

Free! (Printable) “Cheat-Sheet” of Keto Weight loss program Meals

To make issues straightforward for you on the grocery retailer and within the kitchen, I additionally put collectively a printable “cheat sheet” of keto meals. To get my cheat-sheet, simply click on the button beneath:

Simply click on the button, print it out, and you’ve got a keto grocery record for subsequent time you go to the shop. 🙂

There’s Solely One Motive to Use This Keto Meals Listing…

There’s actually just one motive to make use of this meals record – since you wish to feel and appear higher.

Should you stick with consuming simply the meals beneath, then you definately’ll virtually positively get into ketosis and also you’ll seemingly drop some pounds. Most significantly, you’ll actually really feel higher.

In some research, solely 38% of individuals can stick with a keto eating regimen — that implies that 62% of individuals on Keto fall off the wagon.

Mainly, if you happen to’re not ready, a keto eating regimen could be arduous, and also you received’t get the outcomes you’ve hear about.

So within the keto eating regimen meals record beneath, I’ll present you 221 meals that can assist you burn fats and increase your power. A lot of the 221 meals are quite common and easy-to-find. With them, you may create hundreds of meals that you simply’ll love.

Fundamentals of a Keto Weight loss program to Assist You Really feel & Look Higher

What’s Ketosis?

‘Ketosis’ is a state the place your physique depends totally on ‘ketone our bodies’ for power, moderately than on sugar.

That sounds sophisticated, nevertheless it’s actually fairly easy. And right here’s why it ought to matter to you…

Your physique has 2 main sources of power – fats and sugar (aka glucose).

A ketogenic eating regimen (AKA, a keto or ketosis eating regimen) is designed to assist your physique burn extra fats for power moderately than glucose.

Ketones (or ketone our bodies) are produced by your liver when your physique breaks down fat. And the elevated ranges of ketone our bodies in your blood places you into the metabolic state referred to as ketosis.

How does a Keto Weight loss program Actually Work?

Right here’s a VERY easy infographic explaining what you’ll want to do on a keto eating regimen…

Please pin this infographic! And right here’s the embed code in your weblog or web site:

Supply: Keto Summit

The fundamentals of what you eat on a ketogenic eating regimen are fairly easy:

Eat Very Little Carbohydrates or SugarEat Numerous Wholesome Fat
Eat a Reasonable Quantity of Protein

In different phrases, you eat solely low-‘glycemic’ meals. Low-glycemic meals are meals that don’t trigger your blood sugar to rise very a lot.

If you eat this manner, it forces your physique to start out counting on fats for power, moderately than simply sugar.

And when that occurs, you achieve ‘metabolic flexibility’, which is an advanced approach of claiming that your physique regains the flexibility to get power from a number of sources.

The result’s that you simply really feel elevated power, higher psychological readability, and weight reduction.

The ketogenic eating regimen has been used for a really very long time. It was initially developed to deal with epilepsy in youngsters. (2) At present, although, the advantages are sometimes a lot higher…

7 Confirmed (However Stunning) Advantages of a Keto Weight loss program

There’s loads of rising analysis on the keto eating regimen. A number of the most enjoyable analysis is round most cancers and neurological ailments, however most individuals use a keto eating regimen for rather more frequent points (weight reduction, diabetes, and so forth.).

Right here’s a quick record of the potential advantages of a keto eating regimen:

Decreased Starvation – (Three, four) Most diets depend on counting energy, proscribing parts, or sustaining willpower. However all of that may be arduous. As a result of a keto eating regimen adjustments the way in which your physique fuels itself, the commonest result’s that your starvation decreases and also you routinely begin consuming much less.Weight Loss – (5, 6) It’s not a magic resolution, however by-and-large, weight reduction occurs extra rapidly and simply on a keto eating regimen. That is notably true as a result of a keto eating regimen helps to lower starvation. Nonetheless, you should be ready, as a result of the most important downfall for most folk just isn’t having the ability to stick with the eating regimen.
Wholesome Blood Sugar Ranges – (7) This profit needs to be apparent. When you have excessive blood sugar or are diabetic, then dramatically lowering the quantity of sugar in your blood by eradicating a lot of the sugar out of your eating regimen is an apparent and fast profit.
Lowered Danger of Excessive Ldl cholesterol and Triglycerides – (eight) Many docs initially thought that a eating regimen excessive in fats would possibly enhance ldl cholesterol and triglycerides. Nonetheless, the alternative has turned out to be the case. Most individuals see a big drop of their LDL and triglycerides when on a keto eating regimen, though a small share of individuals do see the alternative impact.
Neurological Problems – (9) The ketogenic eating regimen was initially used to deal with epilepsy – a neurological dysfunction. Along with epilepsy, although, some practitioners and researchers are utilizing a keto eating regimen to successfully deal with different neurological issues – notably Alzheimer’s illness.Sure Types of Most cancers – (10) Quite a lot of researchers are at present engaged on utilizing a keto eating regimen as a ‘complementary’ most cancers therapy. And for sure types of most cancers – notably mind most cancers – the keto eating regimen is displaying loads of profit when used with different conventional remedies.
Potential Different Advantages – (11) The analysis just isn’t conclusive but, however a number of research have noticed different doable advantages of a keto eating regimen, together with therapy of pimples, PCOS, respiratory situations, and others.

The Fact About Steered Macronutrient Ratios

The precise quantities of fats, carbs, and protein (also called ‘macros’) you’ll want to eat to be able to get into ketosis will differ from person-to-person. However that will help you get into the overall ballpark, listed below are some suggestions.

Simply do not forget that the majority of your energy want to come back from wholesome, high-fat meals, and only a few of your energy ought to come from carbs.

(Use our Keto Calculator to determine our your actual macronutrient wants.)

Carbohydrate Quantity For Ketosis

We propose you eat below 20-25 grams of web carbohydrates per day if you happen to’re making an attempt keto for weight reduction.

A ‘web carb’ is the entire quantity of whole carbs minus the fiber content material. Since most fiber doesn’t get digested and become sugar, you don’t must rely fiber towards your web carbs rely.

Should you’re an athlete or do loads of CrossFit, then chances are you’ll want so as to add in additional carbohydrates. Simply ensure that to make use of clear starches like candy potatoes and additional greens

Jimmy Moore suggests in his e-book Keto Readability that whole quantity of web carbs should be at the very least below 100g per day so that you can get into ketosis, and for most individuals below 50g. For individuals with insulin sensitivities or seeking to drop some pounds, you most likely must devour below 30g or 20g web carbs per day.

Protein Quantity For Ketosis

Jeff Volek, PhD and Stephen Phinney, M.D., PhD. recommend that to calculate your minimal and most protein consumption for staying in ketosis, you need to multiply your weight (measured in lbs) by zero.6 and to get the minimal and most quantity of protein in grams you need to eat every day.

On the Virta Well being weblog, Dr. Phinney, provides, “Too little or an excessive amount of protein can negatively impression the various advantages of being in a state of dietary ketosis.” He notes that too little dietary protein can compromise lean muscle tissue, whereas excessive protein intakes can cut back ketone manufacturing.

I weigh 115 lbs, so for ketosis, my minimal protein consumption per day is 115 x zero.6 = 69 grams, and my most protein consumption per day is 115 x 1 = 115 grams.

Jimmy writes in his e-book that Dr. Donald Layman suggests limiting protein quantities to 30g per meal and not more than 140g per day.

Fat Quantity For Ketosis

After limiting carbohydrates and consuming a reasonable quantity of protein, the remainder of what you eat needs to be wholesome fat like ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and animal fat.

Should you’re making an attempt to drop some pounds, then chances are you’ll discover it simpler to extend the quantity of protein you eat. This will particularly assist you if you happen to’re not used to consuming loads of fat.

5 Loopy-Necessary Issues to Do Whereas On a Keto Weight loss program…

A keto eating regimen is fairly easy, and most of the people see outcomes pretty rapidly.

However there are some things to do not forget that may help be sure to get essentially the most out of your keto eating regimen. (The following pointers can even assist you keep away from ‘keto flu’ – the dearth of power that some individuals expertise within the first Three-5 days of a keto eating regimen.)

Drink Loads of Water. If you eat fewer carbs, your physique retains much less water. That’s regular, however if you happen to’re not ingesting sufficient, you may get dehydrated. Additionally, water will assist you really feel much less hungry and extra energetic.Get Loads of Sodium. This would possibly sound counter to what you’ve been informed earlier than, however your physique actually wants sodium. It’s one of many ways in which your cells transport vitamins out and in of cells. And once you cease consuming processed grains and sugar, you usually get a lot much less sodium. So once you go keto, simply make sure that you’re consuming salt or sodium-rich meals. If not, you’ll usually expertise fatigue.Eat Sufficient. Usually, this most likely isn’t an issue for you. However once you go on a keto eating regimen, it’s truly straightforward to start out under-eating. So each few days, simply examine in that you simply’ve been consuming sufficient meals.Eat Sufficient Fats. Keep in mind, most of your energy (70-85%) needs to be from fats. So don’t skimp on the fats. Should you’re feeling hungry or like you’ll want to snack, then consuming extra fats at meals will usually resolve that downside. Normally, select the fattier cuts of meat.

With all of that in thoughts, right here is the whole ketogenic eating regimen meals record…

What You’ve Been Ready For – The Full Ketogenic Weight loss program Meals Listing!

Beneath is a full record of meals to eat on a keto eating regimen.

To make it simpler for you, we’ve organized the meals into 12 teams (greens, meats, and so forth.).

Normally, you may simply not fear about how a lot of a selected meals you’re consuming. Nonetheless, some meals on this record are a bit greater in carbs – comparable to carrots or tomatoes.

It might have made this record approach too lengthy to record the # of carbs in every meals, so simply bear in mind that if a meals tastes a bit candy (like a carrot or tomato can), then it seemingly has extra carbs than meals that don’t style candy (meats, olives, avocados, limes, and so forth.).

Greens that Style Scrumptious and Will Gas Your Physique…

Veggies needs to be an enormous a part of your eating regimen. Actually, they need to be the majority of what you eat.

Attempt to stick with inexperienced leafy greens and keep away from root greens to maintain your every day carbohydrate consumption low.

Arugula (Rocket)
ArtichokesAsparagusBell PeppersBok ChoyBroccoliBrussels SproutsButterhead LettuceCabbageCarrotsCauliflowerCeleryChicory GreensChivesCucumberDandelion GreensEggplant (Aubergine)Endives
GarlicJicamaKaleKohlrabiLeeksLeafy Greens (Numerous)LettuceMushrooms (every kind)Mustard GreensOkraOnionsParsleyPeppers (every kind)PumpkinRadicchioRadishes
Romaine Lettuce
ScallionShallotsSeaweed (all sea greens)ShallotsSpaghetti SquashSpinachSwiss ChardTomatoesTurnip GreensWatercressZucchini


Fruits? Yep…You Can Eat These Fruits on a Keto Weight loss program…

Most fruits are off limits on a ketogenic eating regimen.

Nonetheless, some small quantities of berries and citrus fruits are okay – simply watch how a lot you eat!

Olives and Avocados are nice.  (Sure avocado is a fruit!)  Coronary heart surgeon Steven Gundry, M.D. speaks extremely of them. “Avocados are wealthy in wholesome omega-Three fatty acids. They’re additionally stuffed with dietary fiber and excessive in vitamin Okay, folate, and vitamin C. And do you know that avocados include extra potassium than bananas?”


Meats are A number of the Finest Keto Meals

All cuts of the animal are good to eat, however an excessive amount of protein can hamper ketosis, so watch how a lot you eat. Additionally, select fattier cuts of meat every time doable (pork stomach, ribeye, and so forth.)


CURED AND PREMADE MEATS (examine elements)

SausagesDeli MeatHot DogsPepperoniSalamiBacon

Organ Meats

In the USA, organ meats have fallen out of favor. However there isn’t a different class of meals that’s as nutritious. Organ meats are additionally fattier than different meats, which works effectively on a keto eating regimen.

Registered Dietitian Natalie Olsen, RD notes, “Liver is essentially the most nutrient dense organ meat, and it’s a highly effective supply of vitamin A. Vitamin A is useful for eye well being and for lowering ailments that trigger irritation, together with all the pieces from Alzheimer’s illness to arthritis.”

Eat any of the next organ meats from just about any animal.


Virtually all legumes are off limits, however small quantities of inexperienced beans and peas are okay.


Fat play an enormous half within the ketogenic eating regimen (they make up nearly all of your calorie consumption), so be sure to’re taking in loads of wholesome fat.

Avocado Oil
Cocoa ButterCoconut OilDuck FatGheeLard (non-hydrogenated)
Macadamia OilMCT OilOlive OilPalm ShorteningRed Palm OilSesame Oil (small quantities)TallowWalnut Oil (small quantities)


Fish is extremely nutritious, however purchase wild-caught fish every time doable.

Mahi MahiOrange RoughyPerchRed SnapperRockfishSalmonSardinesTalapiaTuna (together with Albacore)SoleGrouperTurbotTroutOther Fatty Fish

Shellfish and Different Seafood

Aside from organ meats, shellfish is essentially the most nutrient-dense meals you may eat. Typically costly, however value it. Attempt to concentrate on fatty fish, if doable.



Be careful for hidden sugar in drinks!

Almond Milk
Broth (hen, beef, vegetable, bone)Cashew MilkClub SodaCoconut Milk
Unsweetened CoffeeHerbal TeasLemon and Lime Juice (small quantities)Seltzer WaterSparkling Mineral WaterUnsweetened TeaWater

Nuts and Seeds

In line with Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., “The most recent scientific phrase on the well being advantages of nuts comes from researchers at California’s Loma Linda College who discovered that consuming nuts regularly strengthens the brainwave frequencies seen on electroencephalograms (EEGs) which are linked to cognition, therapeutic, studying, and reminiscence.”

However don’t go wild on nuts and seed, as a result of they’re straightforward to overeat and excessive in omega-6 fat. These additionally add to your carbohydrate consumption, so be careful. Lastly, word that peanut is a legume, not a nut, and isn’t really useful.

HazelnutsMacadamia NutsPecansPine NutsPistachios
Pumpkin SeedsPsyllium SeedsSesame SeedsSunflower SeedsWalnutsCashewsChia SeedsVarious Nut ButtersHemp Seeds

Herbs and Spices

Experiment with these herbs and spices as they’ll make your meals actually scrumptious! Make sure that the examine the elements of any herb or spice blends to keep away from added sugar or MSG.

Sea Salt
Black PepperWhite PepperBasilItalian SeasoningChili PowderCayenne PepperCurry PowderGaram MasalaCumin


Not everybody can tolerate dairy – you need to remove dairy apart from ghee to scale back your irritation. Many individuals take into account full-fat cheese, yogurt, and cream to be ketogenic. And whereas these meals could also be low carb, they are often straightforward to overeat (in nice extra) in addition to trigger irritation and digestive points for many individuals.

Different Meals to Eat on a Keto Weight loss program

These meals are some meals that don’t fall neatly into different classes.

Though we listed a pair beneath, I encourage you – as a lot as doable – to keep away from ‘keto’ processed meals. This might embrace ‘keto’ sauces, condiments, nut flours, and different ‘keto’ meals that try to switch historically non-keto meals.

Mayonnaise (made with good oils – see record of fat)
Coconut ButterPork RindsBeef JerkyPicklesCod Liver Oil (Fish Oil)Cacao NibsCacao Powder (unsweetened)Vanilla ExtractVinegars (however examine the elements – many have added sugar or wheat)
Eggs (of any animal)Shredded CoconutMustardHot Sauce (examine elements)Gluten-Free Tamari SauceCoconut AminosFish Sauce (examine elements)Gelatin (as powder or from bone broth)100% Darkish ChocolateErythritolCoconut Flour
Stevia (solely small quantities)Monk Fruit / Lo Han GuoAlmond Flour/Meal


Realizing what NOT to eat on a keto eating regimen is at the very least as necessary as understanding what to eat. So this keto eating regimen meals record wouldn’t be full with no record of non-keto meals.

Here’s a record of all meals to positively keep away from:

All Sugars (Keep away from)

Sugar of each sort is totally off restrict. Listed here are a number of the many types of sugar:

White Sugar
Corn Syrup

Maple Syrup

Coconut Sugar
Brown Sugar

All Grains (Keep away from)

Grains are all excessive in carbs and needs to be prevented utterly. Here’s a record of the commonest grains (a number of of those are ‘pseudo-grains’, however they need to even be prevented):

White Flour
Most flours

Wheat Flour

Rice Flour

Processed Meals (Keep away from)

Processed meals are just about something you should buy in a field or in a bag. It’s a ‘catch-all’ time period, but when it is available in field or bag, then it’s most likely not keto-friendly and is off-limits.

Potato Chips
Ice Cream

Tortilla Chips
Most Condiments (Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Dressing, and so forth.)

Baked Items
Snack Bars
Most Sauces

Most Fruit (Keep away from)

Fruit could be wholesome in an summary sense, however once you’re making an attempt to remain in ketosis, most fruit just isn’t keto-friendly.

Canned Fruit



Drinks (Keep away from)

Grains are all excessive in web carbs and needs to be prevented utterly. Here’s a record of the commonest grains (a number of of those are ‘pseudo-grains’, however they need to even be prevented):

Sweetened Tea or Espresso

Legumes (Keep away from)

Legumes consist largely of beans (baked, black, pink, and so forth.). Aside from the two legumes listed above (inexperienced beans and peas), keep away from all legumes.

Low Carb Meals To Keep away from

Simply because a meals is low in carbohydrates or excessive in fat doesn’t make it keto! So attempt to keep away from these meals although they’re low carb.

Dairy Merchandise (e.g., kefir, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, cream, bitter cream, butter)

Sugar Alcohols
Blue Cheese Salad Dressing
Canola, Sunflower Seed, and different seed or vegetable oils
Synthetic Sweeteners (splenda, sucralose, and so forth.)

Low carb gluten-containing meals
Peanut butter
Weight loss program sodas
Soy merchandise (e.g., soy milk, tofu)

Be aware: Synthetic sweeteners received’t essentially throw you out of ketosis, so many individuals take into account them ‘okay.’ Nonetheless, synthetic sweeteners can adversely have an effect on your intestine micro organism and may also cease you from getting over sugar cravings. In addition they have a slight insulinogenic impact.


I hope that you simply discover this keto meals record helpful. However there are a number of extra issues you need to take note…

Keto Flu

Typically, once you begin a keto eating regimen, you may expertise what’s referred to as ‘keto-flu‘. Listed here are a number of the frequent signs:

Feeling drained or fatiguedHeadachesFeeling moody or ‘hangry’Weak spot or muscle achesLack of psychological readability

To keep away from or deal with these signs, listed below are four suggestions that generally assist:

Eat Extra Sodium & Potassium. That is the commonest explanation for keto flu – not getting sufficient electrolytes. These minerals are vital for power manufacturing, and if you happen to get low, you’ll really feel drained. Strive consuming extra bone broth, extra salt, and extra avocados.Eat Extra Fats. One other frequent explanation for keto flu just isn’t consuming sufficient. The only resolution is to eat extra fats. And the perfect methods to try this are to eat extra fatty meats or so as to add extra wholesome fat (like olive oil) to your veggies and different meals.Drink Loads of Water. Dehydration is frequent and might trigger all the keto-flu signs. It’s additionally the simplest factor to repair – simply drink water frequently all through the day.Relaxation Extra and Train a Bit Much less. Train is nice, however it’s essential to be sure to’re sleeping and resting sufficient. Altering the way you gasoline your physique (by relying extra on fats) generally is a bit worrying at first. So that you would possibly want extra relaxation once you first begin out.Think about using an exogenous ketone complement. It would increase your blood ketone ranges rapidly, rushing up and even eliminating that funky keto flu transition.

Modified Keto Weight loss program

One different factor value mentioning is that there are completely different ‘sorts’ of keto diets.

The ‘conventional’ keto eating regimen is normally referred to as the Customary Ketogenic Weight loss program (SKD). That is the eating regimen that was initially created for epileptic youngsters.

The SKD model of the keto eating regimen usually requires that you simply eat lower than 20-30 grams of carbohydrates. It additionally requires that you simply intently monitor how a lot protein you eat, so that you simply don’t go over 12-15% of your energy from protein.

It is a nice model of keto, and if you happen to’re utilizing the eating regimen for therapeutic functions, it’s one of the simplest ways to go. However if you happen to’re extra curious about weight reduction and boosting your power, then you may additionally wish to take into account what’s generally referred to as the “Modified Atkins Weight loss program.”

The first distinction for this eating regimen is the quantity of various ‘macros’ you could eat. Your web carbs generally is a bit greater (50-75 grams per day), and your protein consumption will also be a bit greater (as much as 20% or so of energy).

This “modified” model of keto could be very helpful to strive if both (a) you discover that the stricter model isn’t working in your or (b) you need a barely extra lenient eating regimen to make use of after you’ve achieved your objectives.


If you’d like an easy-to-print model of the keto meals record, simply click on the button beneath. It’s good to make use of or modify as a keto eating regimen grocery record.


Please pin this detailed Ketogenic eating regimen meals record infographic on Pinterest. When you have a weblog or web site and want to embed the infographic, please credit score us for our work or use this embed code:

Supply: Keto Summit

To see all of the tasty Keto meals you can also make from these elements try our Keto recipes web page.

There’s all the pieces from breakfast, to dinner, lunch, appetizers, condiments, smoothies, desserts, snacks, and extra! Simply click on right here for a whole lot of 100% keto recipes.