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Advantages of Anabolic Training

The two metabolic stages in the body can either be anabolic or catabolic and greatly depend on your type of training and diet. Anabolic metabolism helps to build new tissue (including muscle) and compounds and utilizes protein sources and amino acids within the body by burning energy. Two of the greatest benefits of weight training during anabolic metabolism are the strengthening and building of muscles and bones.

Catabolic metabolism involves the breaking down of the compounds and tissue mentioned earlier and results in energy being released. However, it is important to remember that catabolism is only engaged when energy sources are needed. During endurance cardio training, usually exceeding 45 minutes, your body will start to use muscles for energy conversion, defeating the purpose of muscle building exercises or workouts. The reason it does this is because muscles contain adequate reserves of protein, which is an ideal substitute for fat or carb.

Anabolic Weight Training

The main intention of athletes seeking to build muscle is to focus on the weight training techniques and food, so as to provide the body with the adequate amount of nutrients and then overload the muscles through heavy weights. The intake of protein and carb is important pre and post-workout, as well as throughout the day, where it is recommended that at least 5 small meals are ingested to improve digestion and facilitate the metabolic process. Water and/or energy drinks during the workout are essential to obtain the necessary balance.

Sleep and rest are 2 components not to be undermined during the anabolic stage. With exhausting muscular workouts, your body needs up to 48 hours to recover as rest and repair will “heal” the targeted muscles and will naturally enhance growth with the proper training and diet. You can continue to work out every day if you feel this is beneficial but it is not recommended that you train the same muscle groups 2 days in succession. Split your workouts so you provide the required 48 hour rest between muscles. The only exception to this rule is your abdominal muscles, which you may train every day without fail!

Best Foods to Consume for Ideal Anabolic State

There are many anabolic diets available online which promise to deliver exactly what you are looking for but you need to know that your body requires a mix of protein, carbs and fat to function properly. Protein sources, such as red meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, vegetables, nuts and olive oil are all touted as excellent choices.

You should aim for a high carb (which is essential for energy), moderate protein (important in muscle building) and low fat (extra calories could be used for creating energy). It is fine to change things around ever so slightly but do not wander off too much in other directions for optimal effect. You can also introduce up to 2 cheat days a week as this will force your body to adapt to dietary changes rather than become accustomed to what you normally feed it.

Try playing around with different options and see which works best for you, especially when considering digestion, adequate rest, workouts, lifestyle and goals. You should also gauge results following your dietary and workout regimes as diets do not work the same way with everyone. Just remember that your vision is to force your body to burn calories for energy through fat or carb reserves rather than protein if you want to build muscle. You can easily devise your own anabolic food store instead of resorting to online gimmicks.