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10 Tips to Improve Your Anabolic Goals

There are many benefits to perceive if you are thinking about peaking your body to optimal levels of fitness through anabolism, such as building and maintaining muscle and increasing strength. Apart from expecting improvements in muscle tissue growth you should also derive benefits for a better digestion, increased production of white blood cells and an increase in bone density.

The ideal anabolic state will only occur if you tackle training, nutrition and rest in the right way. This can be achieved by not overdoing it in either of the 3 categories but also not shying away from hard work and some sacrifice. Try to focus more on weight training rather than long-distance running or cardio events.

Let’s take a look at 10 tips to reach you anabolic goals:

  • Eat Proper Food

Try to stick to natural foods rather than processed or instant substitutes and make sure to include a balance of protein, carbs and fat. Vegetables and fruit (to some extent) are excellent choices and your body will thank you for the abundance of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins redeemed through these choices. Try to avoid too many supplements unless you are deficient in some vitamin or mineral or are pressed for time.

  • Sleep Enough Hours

There is currently a debate raging over the appropriate time you need to sleep at night or during the day. A minimum of 8 hours seems to be the general consensus for optimal bodily function, especially when we refer to being in an anabolic state. Tough muscular workouts would equate to sufficient hours of rest so do not sacrifice the latter as you would not reap the expected dividends.

  • Detoxification

It is always smart to detoxify your body every couple of months. This can be attained through modern technology, such as infrared saunas or even intermittent fasting but be careful that you do not compromise your anabolic ambitions with catabolic instead. Catabolic will likely eat into your muscle protein for dispensing energy.

  • Compound Movements Are Best

Full-body workouts rather than isolated muscle-specific ones can help you reach an anabolic state faster. Focus on squats, pull and push variations and deadlifts for better results. The scope is to maintain the fat-burning status as much as possible following a workout, as this will disperse energy throughout the body hours later.

  • Protein Supplements

We earlier recommended that you try to minimize the use of supplements but, if you find it hard to shop and prepare the pre and post-workout meals due to time restrictions, protein powder such as whey, is very simple to make and requires adding just water or milk to the mixture, shake and enjoy.

  • BCAA Supplements

Another very useful supplement to consider is BCAA(Branched Chain Amino Acids). One fact worth highlighting is that 35% of protein found in your muscles contains BCAA so adding to that is always a bright idea, especially to boost your amino acid reserves, which are instrumental for building muscle and reduction of visceral fat (found around your belly).

  • Eat Immediately After Training

You should aim to eat post-workout within 15 minutes of ending the session. This is another reason why protein powders are a good alternative. You need to replenish your body with glycogen and protein used during your workouts.

  • Stress Reduction

Too much stress can hinder progress in any area of your life, including your body. Do not only heed the physical strains but the mental ones as well as you need to address a healthy balance. Remember to curb or eliminate any extremes in your lifestyle, including overtraining.

  • Stay Away From Alcohol

This may be a hard one to swallow but alcohol does interfere with protein synthesis and decreases levels of testosterone, which is key for muscle growth. Limit your intake to an occasional indulgence over the weekend.

  • Go Green

Green, leafy vegetables are perfect for providing all the vital nutrients needed to optimize your body and they also contain vital vitamins and minerals. What’s more these are what will place your body in an alkaline state, which is also an important aspect to consider for remaining anabolic.